Journey with the Sun

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Track List

  1. Caravan at Dawn
  2. First Oasis
  3. Broken Arm
  4. Mountain Wedding
  5. Cave of the Winds
  6. Pas de Deux
  7. Singing to the Mountain
  8. Middle Oasis
  9. Yaku
  10. Green Grass, It Grows Bonny
  11. Last Oasis
  12. Land of the Pipers
  13. Oror Bubrik
  14. >

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Journey_With_SunNominated for the 2000 Grammy® for World Music.

JOURNEY WITH THE SUN presents the adventures of a caravan of world musicians, recorded in the great space of the world’s largest Gothic cathedral.

“[A]n all-star album that makes you listen because it’s new and exciting and not because he’s a safe brand name. Taking his playing to a new level, with a new edition of his Earth Band, Winter remains the top enchanting musical story teller.”

– Midwest Record Recap

Grammy-Winner Paul Winter presents his Earth Band, featuring the Irish piper, Davy Spillane (of ‘Riverdance’), l Armenian vocalist and percussionist Arto Tuncboyaciyan, cellist Eugene Friesen and keyboardist Paul Halley (long-time members of the Paul Winter Consort) along with special guest Mickey Hart (of the Grateful Dead) playing his new instrument, RAMU (Random Access Music Universe), and a caravan of 9 other world musicians, on a journey of new musical adventures born of Winter’s renowned annual Solstice Celebrations.



Paul Winter
Arto Tuncboyaciyan
Davy Spillane
Eugene Friesen
Paul Halley
Mickey Hart
Niamh Parsons
Vardan Grigoryan
Damian Draghici
Jerry O’Sullivan
Zan McLeod
Jordan Rudess
Jim Beard
Dorothy Papadakos
Eliot Wadopian